Uber Driver Penang

If you are staying in the state of Penang and wish to earn some extra money on your own terms, driving with Uber is one of the best options available. You can either drive full time or part time depending on your own flexibility, to drive as much or as little as you prefer. In short, you can make some good extra money, drive whenever you want with no boss and office.

If you are eligible to drive with Uber, your main asset is your vehicle. You have to make sure that your car meets the minimum requirements of Uber in Penang. Most 4-door cars are qualified but requirements may vary by vehicle option. Here is a simple and general requirement checklist that you need to be aware of. First, the model of your car must not be older than ten years. It must be a 4-door car or minivan with good condition and no cosmetic damage. Most importantly, it should not have commercial branding. In terms of registration, both the official and temporary registration documents will be accepted by Uber. Moreover, the vehicle does not necessary need to be registered under your name to be qualified. For insurance, you must maintain your own insurance policy according to the local laws. Uber, on the other hand, will maintain automobile liability insurance on behalf of its partners.

In Penang, there are two vehicle options available. UberX is the most common option for riders. Most cars are qualified to drive with UberX, with some additional requirement like 4-door sedan in good condition with at least 4-passengers seats excluding the driver seat. Your car must be air-conditioned and the windows must be in working condition. Do take note that no full size vans or trucks and no taxis or government cars are allowed. Your car also must not be salvaged or rebuilt. Another vehicle option is UberXL. Basically, it is the higher capacity version to UberX.

The fare calculation will be different according to the type of vehicle options. In Penang, the base fare for UberX is RM0.80, additional RM0.20 per minute and RM0.55 per kilometer. The cancellation fee is RM5.00. For UberXL, the base fare for UberX is RM2.50, additional RM0.40 per minute and RM0.75 per kilometer. The cancellation fee is the same, RM5.00.   

To drive with Uber, you can just sign up with Uber and follow the procedure in order to start your journey with Uber. Just check out the website for more details.