Fig Tree Hill Resort



What should you know about Fig Tree?


Fig Tree Hill Resort is a luxurious holiday resort located in Sungai Ara, Penang. This resort is built atop of a tropical hill and surrounded by orchards of various fruits like mangosteen and durian. If you are looking for a place to chill and relax in Penang, this can be one of the places for you to consider. Please read on to see the pros and cons of choosing this resort.




  • The resort is surrounded by nature with plenty of trees and streams
  • It is a very relaxing place and a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city
  • It is an ideal place to stay in if you love nature
  • If you would like to have a family or friends gathering, this resort is an ideal to place to have it
  • Reasonable prices for the villas
  • The resort operator also has a pickup point to lead you up to the resort
  • The resort’s staffs are friendly, patient, responsive, helpful, courteous, always ready to help and they take good care of the resort guests
  • There is a BBQ pit area for you to prepare your own food with the help of the resort staffs and guests said that they had a great time preparing their own food while surrounded by nature
  • The breakfast provided consisting of fried nuggets, fried sausages and fries is delicious
  • Some guests even got free room upgrades with amazing views to their delight upon arrival
  • The villa is spacious and able to accommodate up to 6 people
  • If you like to accommodate more than 6 people, there are other villa options available too
  • The villas are designed in Balinese style and the rooms are well-decorated
  • Waking up to the sound of nature, birds chirping, cool breeze and natural environment can be a new and nice experience for you
  • The rooms come with air-conditioning system, a karaoke system, refrigerator and a built-in jaccuzzi





  • The road on the way to the resort is narrow and can be quite a scary experience for some people
  • The equipment in the gym needs to be upgraded badly
  • A few potted plants were left unattended and became a breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • While the resort’s staffs’ hospitality are top notch, they only staff speak very little English
  • Besides breakfast, no other food is provided and there are no restaurants within the resort so this can be inconvenient to guests staying at the resort and getting to town after dark is not recommended due to safety reasons
  • You will have to bring your own snacks or ask the host, Mr. Sim to drive you to nearby places to get food
  • You will be digitally cut off as there is no internet access and mobile phone signal at the resort
  • You will be disappointed if you are looking forward to differences choices of breakfast as they will only serve the same breakfast
  • Some guests complained that the rooms are dusty and the curtains are dirty
  • Some guests also complained that the coffee cups and saucers are dirty
  • As the toilet is outside the cabin with an old lock outside, it can be inconvenient when you are taking bath because other guests will use your toilet if you do not lock it
  • The basin is located outside the toilet where others guest pass by so toiletries are always lacking
  • Take note that there is also limited housekeeping services available

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